Daniel is an internationally operating consciousness- and breath worker
 as well as a spiritual mentor and father,

He creates spaces where is easy for people to integrate more love for themselves and to find a clearer understanding of their life situations. 

His workshops enable people to get intimate with both the light and the shadow within and to embrace it all with love. 
What his clients love most about him is how he can fuse a transcendental depth with a playful simpleness.


His extensive training in yoga, coaching, energy- and breathwork, combined with dedicated work with plant medicines, make him an excellent channel for long lasting transformations to occur.


Qualifications & Trainings

Tantric Rebirthing Facilitator

      Integral Life Consultant (Veit Lindau)

              Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vidya Germany (720 hours)

       Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500

              Superhuman Operating System (Ken Wilber)

                     State Recognized Educator Germany

                         Several Energetic Healing Modalities


I live for the unfoldment and spiritual refinement of consciousness on this planet.

I am deeply human.

I neither neglect my shadow nor hide my light.

In a world that is becoming ever more complex I believe in a simple lifestyle.

I offer a transmission of living pr-es(s)ence and sacred breath.


I celebrate a life of full blooded integrity in which the personal, interpersonal and transpersonal can all be honored and dance together.


My deepest prayer is directed at the happiness of all beings.

I am here to serve you.

Daniel Alan

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