The Breath Experience

Breath has been used by several ancient traditions to expand consciousness and establish a connection to the divine. From the moment we are born until the moment we die, the breath is with us. 

By breathing we constantly exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen. A constant communication between the leaves of the trees and the branches of our lungs.
The oxygen we inhale is directly absorbed and delivered to our bloodstream.
This shows that we are connected very deeply with our environment.
Thus revealing the deep spiritual truth of one- and interconnectedness.


Going even deeper - once we ask how the plants - the givers of breath sustain themselves, we realize that they receive their energy from the sun, the soil and the water.
Thus allowing us to receive these elemental energies through the breath.

Breathing is the most basic and direct way to participate in life. Our connection to breath, is our connection to life. Thus the breath reveals many things that are going on within us.
The breath changes, depending on how we feel, if we hold a lot of tension the breath is also restricted, if we are happy and joyful the breathing will be free and deep. 
To recognize and to heal our patterns of breath, is healing our relationship to life. 

Daniel Alan

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