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"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, uniting spirit and body"

This Breathwork Intensive is designed for everyone who wants to create a positive and sustainable change within oneself by using the power of breath.

The state of a centered human being is joyful, balanced and spontaneous. Such a person has enough clarity to know ones hearts visions and dreams, and enough energy to create them into existence.

This is the natural state of the human species and your birthright!

Sadly most of us have bought into disempowering beliefs about ourselves, thus generating great distress and distortion within our energy fields, which act like a thick fog hindering us to realize and act on our higher potentials.


Through intensive breathwork practices these blockages, distortions and beliefs can surface and be released by entering a special non-ordinary state of consciousness.
Mainly we will be working with the rebirth breathing technique which allows you to enter a trance state in which it is easy to communicate with the subconciousness.
Thus enabling you to experience a fuller, more whole version of yourself and life.

Experiences during the workshop:

- Find and release Self limiting beliefs
- Expand your Self Love and happiness
- Non-ordinary expanded states of consciousness
- Release childhood conditioning and heal parental trauma
- Unblocking great amounts of Energy and allowing it to flow freely
- Learn to communicate with your subconscious
- Empowerment and finding goals which are in tune with your soul

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Investment:  200 Euro

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