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MANifesting Masculine Health - Breathwork Ceremony

I wish to see a world in which men are tapped in to their inner power and vulnerability.

This is a calling to all men that want to align with a deeper version of what is possible for them in this lifetime being a man.

Most of us men have one or the other topic with our masculinity 
this can range from:

  • numbing ourselves in order to avoid real vulnerability

  • anger, shame, reactivity

  • Distraction trough porn/TV/social media

  • Repressed Sexuality

  • Being owned by our shadows 


To name just a few.


This ceremony is not designed in order to provide you with some archetypal examples of how a man should be. I believe there can be as many expressions for masculinity as there are men. It is more about getting in touch with primal feelings and your center - in order to decide by yourself what masculinity is for you and which aspects you want to cultivate in order to show up more fully.

This is going to be a multidimensional offering that will address you on multiple levels of your being.

It will integrate: 


Shadow work - in order to find out what really is the greatest obstacle to your development.


Animal movements - To wake up the RAW animalistic power that helps you stand your ground and stand up for your values.

Breathwork Ceremony - To release limitations and blocks in your nervous system and to download information and energy that will serve you in order to show up at a higher level of yourself.


The date of the ceremony will be 27th July.

At 11:00 AM (EDT) II 5:00 PM CEST
(Please check what time this will be in your timezone)


Please be on time.

The whole Ceremony will last 2:30 hours 


In order to participate you will need the program Zoom installed on your computer.
Make sure you will have space for the whole duration of the ceremony, no phone calls or children/partners disturbing you.

The price is 40 USD/35 Euros, if you are a father or student the price drops to 20 USD/18 Euros.
Because I want you on board! :)

Once I have received your payment you will receive an e-mail with instructions and a zoom link a few hours before the ceremony.

To enhance the experience you can drink ceremonial cacao, the best one available you can purchase here ->

(Please make sure to use this link as you will get a small discount and I will get a small commission)



If you have any questions regarding the ceremony feel free to contact me via

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I am greatly looking forward to all men showing up.

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