Private Sessions

We are multidimensional beings - in order for deep transformations to occur we need to work with multiple levels of consciousness. 
My Private Sessions focus mainly on two things:
- Releasing Trauma, Old Imprints, Programs and Belief Systems.
- Alignment with a more integrated joyful version of yourself.

A private Session is suited for all those that want to experience a major shift in how they experience life and themselves.
The purpose of a session is to transform old belief-structures and release stuck emotions and then to re-align with our higher values and vision.
Oftentimes a session can be a life changing experience, many say they have never experienced anything like it before.
By working with clear intention and next level breath-work tools 
lasting transitions can be achieved, leading to deeper heart felt success and fulfillment.



As we start to interact you will probably already feel that your topics are surfacing and being peeled until we discover the essence.Then we enter into the breathwork, the heart of each session, where you can experience deep release of limitations and a reconnection to your center trough working with a expanded state of consciousness.

Breath Sessions can only be done face to face, consultation and coaching is also possible via Online Video Call

Sessions can be held in German or English, i am currently located in Karlsruhe Germany.
So if you would like to book send me a private Message.
Session Price: 120 Euro

Daniel Alan

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